Although he does not see any unconstitutional norm in the “Mais Habitação” legislative package, the President of the Republic chose to veto the bill that originated from the Government and was approved by the Assembly of the Republic. Thus, the legislation – which is the target of harsh criticisms from the Head of State – is returned to the Parliament, where the PS (Socialist Party) holds the majority, and it might undergo further adjustments within a month.

“The President of the Republic returned to the Assembly of the Republic, without approval, the Decree that approves measures in the housing scope,” reads a statement on the Presidency’s website.

Marcelo writes an extensive note about the reasons that led him to make the decision of the ‘veto’. “As early as March 9, I expressed concerns about the risks of an excessively optimistic discourse, high expectations for the deadline, the means, and the available administrative machinery, and therefore, the possible unrealism in the projected results,” it reads. And, even with the changes introduced by the PS in the Parliament, “six months later, unfortunately, the present bill confirms these risks,” emphasizes the Head of State, who lists eight risks and criticisms of the bill that arrived at Belém (the Presidential Palace).

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